Beautiful sunset view

 30 Juni 2023   

Best view in bali

LAHANGAN SWEET means sweet weeds, why in this place called Langan Sweet because everyone who comes to this place will definitely have sweet memories, with such beautiful views, what's more when they come with their girlfriends it will be very memorable , because this place has several photo spots with Mount Agung as a background, hills and views of the vast ocean.

the most special thing in this place is the sunrise and sunset, this is the sunset that celebrities are always looking for,By paying an entrance ticket of Rp. 30,000 you can get some beautiful photos, and if you want to play SWING, pay an extra Rp. 50,000 you will get good photos and videos.

here you can also spend the night doing camping ground, and at night you can make a bonfire while grilling fish or chicken, of course it's very exciting right??.

Come on, visit Langan Sweet, if you need complete information, please visit our website or whatsapp contact 085298161172 manager IKETUT WINATA


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